Our Focus

We live by our Digtial Sales funnel. It helps us understand and direct potential clients where they are in the buying cycle. This helps us optimize their path to finding your product or service and convert to paying customers.Our digital sales funnel is broken up into three main sections:

Our Process

There are several steps in the process we take to create effective digital marketing strategies.

  1. Before we take on a new client, we like to conduct a Digital Marketing Needs Analysis.This is where we research our potential client and ask yourselves some of the following questions:
    • Do they have a website?(When was it last updated?)
    • Do they show up on local search maps and listings?
    • Are they currently using any social media channels?
  2. After our research, we like to meet with our potential client face-to-face and discuss what their digital marketing goals are,that way we can tailor specific products to fit their needs.
  3. When we understand where our client is and where they would like to go, we create a custom digital marketing strategy to help their customers progress though the Digital Sales funnel.
  4. With every digital marketing campaign, we create an integrated dashboard where all the data from our different products can be viewed. This include rates like how many people have opened your targeted emails or many people have clicked on your Google Adwords ads.
  5. We can create any digital creative needed for our digital marketing campaigns. If you currently running ads within the Telegraph Herald, we are able to obtain the same creative assets and ad copy; which means less work for you and a consistent advertising message across mediums.
  6. Our development cycle incorporated client feedback at every step. Our development cycle is as follows:
    • Design
    • Development
    • Deployment
    • Analysis
    • Repeat as necessary

Our Results

Why listen to our talk about how great our products when you could listen to our clients.

This is Ron Breitbach the Mystique Community Ice Center, he talks about how Fence Talk Digital was able to help them - and how his investment provided a 15x ROI.

Discover what our clients have to say